CCIE Podcast Pilot Episode 1

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This is the pilot episode of the CCIE Podcast, a project I started in April 2015 and never completed, but I am now going to test the water. Please note this episode was recorded in April 2015 before my attempt at the exam in May 2015. Sadly I failed and […]

BGP Listen Range Command

bgp listen range command dynamic neighbors blog post topology

BGP Dynamic Neighbors are a way to bring up  BGP neighbors without specifically defining the neighbors remote IP address. Using the BGP Listen Range command you specify a range of IP addresses typically on your Hub site (maybe in a DMVPN environment) that you trust to become BGP neigbors with […]

Please Sponsor Me: Abseil the Spinnaker Tower

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If you are a regular visitor to this site or a new one and have learnt anything from it and would like to give something back now is your chance. Please donate whatever you can to support me via the link below. I will be doing a sponsored Abseil […]

What is Motivation? How to get some.

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Why Motivation? Why do some people pass one CCIE after the other and others never make it to one? The answer is motivation. They know what they want and more importantly they know what they need to do to achieve it. More motivational quotes here Have you ever wondered what makes […]

OSPF Authentication – Part 1

ospf authentication blog post topology

There are three types of OSPF authentication. Type 1 – no authentication Type 2 – clear text Type 3 – cryptographic (MD5 or SHA) Lets explore each type in a lot more detail and then look at the router configuration for some real world examples. Authentication can be configured on […]

The Most Important Skill to learn for 2015

Focus the key to passing the ccie lab exam

In this ever advancing world of technology there has never been a better time to be able to get things done anywhere, but there has also never been so many distractions stopping you getting things done. With the constant connectivity to the internet, facebook, twitter, etc etc we are now […]

The Roost Stand Discount Code

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Since my first post on the Roost Stand I have been overwhelmed with comments on my new portable laptop stand the biggest one is where did you buy it from? The great guys at Roost have given me a Roost Stand Discount Code that you can use at the checkout to […]