MPLS Tutorial – including verifications

cisco mpls tutorial topology

This Cisco MPLS Tutorial will guide you through building the simple MPLS topology below. This consists of a 3 router MPLS core and two remote sites in the same VRF running OSPF as the PE=CE routing protocol. This will be quite a long post as I will be taking you through every single verification along the way to ensure you understand how each section works. I will be using GNS3 and building the routers as we go so you can follow along. Cisco MPLS Tutorial Topology Step 1 - IP addressing of MPLS Core and OSPF First bring 3 routers into your topology R1, R2, R3 position them as below. We are going to address the routers and configure ospf to ensure loopback to loopback connectivity between R1 and R3 R1 hostname R1 int lo0 ip add … [Read more...]

How to build CCIE V5 Lab – with CSR 1000V

cisco csr 1000v download ova

How to build CCIE V5 Lab using ESXi and CSR 1000v The basis of this topology is centered around the INE Hardware build which is detailed here - INE CCIE V5 Hardware Topology This post will detail how to build ccie v5 lab using Vmware and CSR 1000v routers and the issues I faced which should hopefully help you make this build a lot easier. In simple terms you are going to build a VMWare ESXi server and run multiple instances of the Cisco CSR 1000v router - this can be connected to some physical switches and you can have a 20 router / 4 switch topology that will provide for all your labbing needs. This post is focussed on the router build only and a later post will focus on the switch build and connecting them together. Virtual Rack - … [Read more...]

Mastering Switching topics in CCIE Version 5

cisco 3750x

With the new version 5 blueprint there are a lot of version 4 students who are trying to work out what has changed, what is new and what has gone. For new students to Version 5 it is probably just as confusing. One of the changes is the jump to 15 code and the use of virtual switches in the lab. This certainly left me with a few questions, if there are no physical switches in the lab then what should you be focussing your studies on? For version 4 I previously just read through the 3560 switch configuration guide. This pretty much is the same for version 5. To master all the switching topics just read through the  15.0SE documentation from the 3750X and 3560X. The virtual switches used in the lab are an equivalent compile of … [Read more...]

CCIE Video – from Alexandre Vasseur

I do not know anything about Alexandre Vasseur except for the fact that he has passed his CCIE Lab exam and has made this amazing video to celebrate that fact. We all need small things to keep us motivated along the journey and this video is one of those. Watch the video and feel empowered to study more and get your digits. Nice work Alexandre - I particularly like the diagrams at the start of the video - I am not sure if that was his actual study notes because my topology diagrams were not as neat and colour coded as that!   … [Read more...]

CCIE Version 5 here I come

Well I am sad to say that I did not get my digits at my last attempt at the CCIE Lab exam. Everything was in place I had prepared well, I went to the NH Airport Hotel a day early so had an extra nights sleep. But on the day the TS got me again and I got buried in one big ticket which I could not resolve and I also dropped marks on the tickets I did fix. So must have broken a restriction. I also dropped some big points in my Layer 2 which I am still not sure about what happened there. Positive points I was so nearly there I felt on top of everything, I had full reachability early in the day all my TCL scripts were working, there were no topics that really phased me. I felt good. I arrived a day early at the NH Airport hotel which I … [Read more...]

PPPOE Speed Challenge

pppoe speed challenge

I have been trying to configure things faster and faster as a bit of personal challenge to myself recently. It is only when the clock is on you that you start to panic. So I have a little challenge. Configure PPPOE between two routers in under 60 seconds. This is the topology This is the config for R1 conf t int f0/0 virtual-template1 ip add exit bba-group pppoe GROUP1 virtual-template1 int f0/0 pppoe enable pppoe group GROUP1 This is the config for R2 int dialer1 encap ppp ip add dialer pool 2 dialer persistent int f0/0 pppoe-client dial-pool-number 2 ping This is your time limit - 60 seconds! Fire two routers up in GNS3 and … [Read more...]