MPLS Tutorial – including verifications

cisco mpls tutorial topology

This Cisco MPLS Tutorial will guide you through building the simple MPLS topology below. This consists of a 3 router MPLS core and two remote sites in the same VRF running OSPF as the PE=CE routing protocol. This will be quite a long post as I will be taking you through every single verification along […]

CCIE Video – from Alexandre Vasseur

I do not know anything about Alexandre Vasseur except for the fact that he has passed his CCIE Lab exam and has made this amazing video to celebrate that fact. We all need small things to keep us motivated along the journey and this video is one of those. Watch the video and feel empowered […]

CCIE Version 5 here I come

Well I am sad to say that I did not get my digits at my last attempt at the CCIE Lab exam. Everything was in place I had prepared well, I went to the NH Airport Hotel a day early so had an extra nights sleep. But on the day the TS got me again […]