Ansible Network automation Course

If you’re a Network Engineer looking to add another skill to your toolbelt for better career opportunities and better pay, this is the course for you.

This network automation course will take you from no knowledge of Ansible at all,  to an installed Ansible control node with working playbooks performing automated tasks on your network (or lab!) within just a few hours. 

This is the quickest way to learn network automation! 

Don’t worry, you won’t have hours of PowerPoint to sit through. 95% of the course is hands on – No PowerPoint.

Over 4 hours of HD Video
Start learning straight away

As soon as you sign up for the course you will gain access to all the lessons, so you can learn at your own pace or watch them all back to back.

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Your Instructor

Roger Perkin CCIE #50038 has designed and installed enterprise, financial, healthcare and government networks for over a decade. 

He now works with Ansible and develops solutions to improve all areas of network development.


The course is taught by a CCIE in Routing & Switching who understands exactly how networks operate and the problems Network Automation tries to solve. 

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Ansible Training for Network Engineers

Network programmability & automation are vital skills network engineers need to know, and this  Network Automation Course will cover how you can get started with Ansible. The best bit? You don’t need to be a developer to start!

From installation to running your first playbook, I’ll guide you as you learn the skills you will need as a skilled Network Engineer today,  and in the future with this Ansible course.

The course focuses on Cisco & Nexus network automation, with a few lessons covering Juniper and F5 to give you a broad understanding of the capabilities of Ansible. 

Free Preview Lesson

In this lesson we go through how to setup your Ansible environment, covering the hosts file and ansible config file. 

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For a Limited Time only you can sign up for the early-bird price of just £49 – how can I do this? 

For this short time the videos will be uploaded weekly, so you can work through the course in real-time, as I create it.



Course Outline

  • Introduction
    •  What is Ansible?

  • Getting Started
    •  How to install Ansible
    •  Setting up Your Environment

  • Ansible Basics
    •  Ansible Hosts File
    •  Introduction to YAML

  • Playbooks
    •  Write a Playbook to Backup a Cisco Router
    •  Playbook for Capturing Output from Cisco Commands

  • Configuration Management
    •  Introduction to Configuration Management
    • Using Ansible Templates for Creating Configuration Files
    •  Using GIT

  • Ansible Tower
    •  Installing Ansible Tower

It is essential that Network Engineers re-tool and start to learn Network Programmability and Automation. Start your journey today towards becoming a Network Automation Engineer with this Ansible online training.

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Ansible playbook to backup Cisco routers

Network  automation with Ansible is a rapidly growing area;  Google, Microsoft, Twitter, and Netflix have all recently stepped into the field.
Ansible Core support for networking devices is maturing quickly and, the possibilities of what can be done with an automated network are endless.

If you want to learn Practical Network Automation using Ansible and Python skills, watch this space for upcoming information on Network Automation use cases using Ansible, advancing into self healing networks and zero touch deployments.

Check out my Network Automation Tools page to learn about all the open source network automation tools in use today

Network Automation Quick Start Online Course

This Quick Start course will get you up and running with Ansible and running your first playbook in less than one hour.


"This course has taken me from knowing nothing about Ansible to having a playbook that I now use every day to backup my router configs and another that I can use to push simple changes out.
I am learning every day and Roger really got me started on this amazing journey.
CCNP Network Engineer
This course was just what I was looking for. Other courses were a lot more expensive and went into far much depth. This course starts at the beginning and takes you on progressive journey with simple playbooks that are easy to write and understand.
Network Admininstrator


You Can try the course for 30 days and if you are not 100% satisfied with the content contact my support desk
and they will issue you a no questions asked full refund. [email protected]

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I was looking for Network Automation Training in Vancouver and could not find anything – this course has got me started on my journey – Roger