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    • Great stuff – I couldn’t believe it – spent a lot of money on a pair of Bose headphones then could not get them connect to my laptop! (phone was working fine) It took me a lot of googling to find the solution so maybe Bose need to include it in their instructions!

    • Great news!
      I was in the same boat and after spending a lot of money on a pair of bose headphones was very frustrated I could not get them to connect to my laptop

      This solution was also the only one that worked for me after updating bluetooth drivers etc etc

  1. You’re a legend! I was getting quite frustrated trying to pair my QC35’s up and you’re guide was easy and clear to follow.

    Many thanks and happy listening 🙂


  2. After countless UNSUCCESSFUL tries following the thread in bose forum this solution worked as a charm with my qc 35 ii. thank you!!!

    • Glad it worked for you, I had previously followed many threads on the Bose Forums with no success, and after many hours of trying this method worked for me so I thought I had to share it.

      • Thank you so much Roger, tried for a few days and almost gave up until I came across your article. Now both my Bose QC 35ii and Soundlink Revolve+ are connected to my laptop and working. Awesome. Thanks again


  4. This worked for me as well. I was hesitant to buy a pair of these headphones because of the all the complaints about them not working with Windows 10 but it looks like it these steps were successful. Thanks very much.

  5. 3 months ago I have managed to connect my headphones after many… ATTEMPTS to my old laptop.
    now got a new laptop and decided to google for instructions – this one worked first time! many thanks for SAVIng me lot of time and frustrations.

    • Great – glad it helped you – it frustrated me for many hours and even Bose could not fix! Then I came across the solution and decided to write it up and turns out its a very common problem

    • Not sure what else to suggest – this worked for me after many hours of struggle. Have you updated the Bose Headphone software? Just hook them up to the app on your phone and select software update

  6. Thank you so much roger – this worked for me! Just one nagging question… can you control the noise cancellation while connected to the pc via bluetooth? when i press the button on the headphones that normally allows me to adjust noise cancellation (when connected to my phone), it tells me to open google assistant on my phone. i can’t seem to figure out how to adjust it when connected to pc, not phone.

    Thanks again!

    • Jeff, that functionality is controlled by the app on your phone, you then decide what that button does. Yours is currently set to open google assistant, you can change it in the app to control noise cancellation levels.

      That’s actually what I have mine set to, even though I never change the noise cancellation level!

    • Good stuff, it had me stuck for a few hours until I worked out how to do it and thought I would share the solution as even Bose could not help and since then so many people have ended up on this page looking for the solution to connecting a very expensive pair of Bose headphones to their laptop!

  7. Hi mike,

    I just want to say thank you for this write-up. I spent hours on the phone with bose trying to get my headphones to pair. i also tried multiple different bluetooth adapters. this worked like a charm. I hope others will be able to have their issues resolved by reading this page.

    don’t know why its only letting me write in caps



    • Brilliant Peter, I can’t believe so many people are having the same challenges I had to just connect a pair of (very expensive) headphones to thier laptop. Glad it helped

  8. Thanks for your advice, however I am unable to select the headphones for default as its greyed out. not sure what i am doing different to others. windows 10.


    • Great, glad it helped, can’t believe there are so many people struggling to connect a £300 pair of Bose QC35 noise cancelling headphones to a laptop.
      Come on Bose you need to fix this!

  9. Just ordered some of these off of Amazon and should get them in a couple of days. Does the microphone work with Windows 10 as well? Thank you. PS not sure why caps are on as I don’t have the caps lock on.