CCIE Version 4 one more attempt!

ccie version 4 lab date brussels

For regular visitors to my blog you may have noticed a countdown calendar has appeared again. I have managed to get a lab date in Brussels before the version 5 change. I had previously failed the lab at the mobile lab in London in December and after  Christmas my plan […]

Thank you all for your good wishes

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been wishing me all the best for my lab exam over the last week. I had no idea that so many people followed my blog! After next Friday I am planning a big post (whatever happens!) to lay out […]

Debug Condition Interface – Cisco

debug conidtion interface

During an INE Volume II lab I discovered a great way to filter the debug output from a router. The Debug Condition Interface command allows you to only show the debug output from a specific interface. There are other conditions you can filter on as well including application, mac-address, vlan […]

Today I am reading the OSPF Configuration Guide

As my lab date gets closer I am spending more time reading than I thought I would. For the next week I am going to try to push through all the routing configuration guides. Today I am reading the OSPF Configuration Guide It really is amazing that with what you […]

GNS3 Workbench is Awesome!

gns3 workbench

If you are studying for any kind of Cisco exam then you have probably come across GNS3. (If not you are missing out on something great and you should check it out at GNS3 is a graphical network simulator that runs real cisco images. It allows you to simply […]

CCIE Prerequisites

There are actully no prerequisites to the Cisco CCIE Certification. Cisco do recommend you have at least 3 years hands on experience with Cisco hardware and have an in depth understanding of routing protocols, switches, routers and security devices. To get  CCIE certification, you must first pass the CCIE written […]

CCIE Lab Equipment to practice

If you are studying for the CCIE or in fact any Cisco Certifcation you will need access to Lab Equipment. But what CCIE Lab Equipment do you need. The current CCIE R&S v4 lab exam will test you on the following hardware Cisco 1841 Integrated Service Router, running IOS 12.4(T) […]