EIGRP for IPv6

eigrp for ipv6

These are just some notes about the differences between EIGRP for IPV4 and EIGRP for IPv6 A more detailed post on configuration will follow. As with OSPFv3 and RIPng EIGRP advertises networks based on interface commands You must no shut the routing process, When IPV6 is configured this action creates a routing process however this process needs to be no shut to bring it up. EIGRPv6 requires a router-id Passive interfaces are configured on the routing process only EIGRPv6 performs route filtering using only the distribute-list prefix-list command. Automatic summarisation EIGRPv6 has no equivalent to the IPV4 no auto-summary command as there is no concept of classful routing in IPv6 EIGRPv6 is supported in Cisco IOS … [Read more...]