cisco documentation cd – embedded event manager

The Cisco Doc CD or Documentation CD is the common name referring to the wealth of documentation that is on cisco’s website. It used to be available to purchase on a CD hence the name Doc CD – It is now a DVD. However the most up to date place to find documentation on any cisco product or technology is on their website.

The current location for the Documentation CD is

As a CCIE candidate knowing your way around this section of the cisco website is invaluable as during the CCIE Lab Exam you do have access to all the documentation available here.

The search function is disabled so you have to know where everything lives.

I will be posting a series of posts detailing locations of various topics over the next few months.

As a starter for 10 – where on the Doc CD is the documentation for EEM – Embedded Event Manager?

Go to

It is under Support / Configure / Cisco IOS / 12.4T / Configuration Guides / Network Management / Cisco IOS Network Management Configuration guide.

I will be posting more here as a  work through and find them all.