RIP Timers – Default and changing them.

Working through the INE Vol I workbook today I decided to brush up on a topic I have not really put much effort into - RIP. It is one of those things that you think , I know RIP let's focus on something harder. But one thing tripped me up which I have now solidified and that was RIP timers. A simple task said - Change the RIP timers to be three times faster than the default. My mind went blank - So here are the facts you need to know. RIP timers - Default: Update: 30 Invalid: 180 Hold Down: 180 Flush: 240 These can also be found on your router with the command sh ip protocols Rack1R5#sh ip prot Routing Protocol is "rip" Sending updates every 10 seconds, next due in 4 seconds Invalid after 60 seconds, hold down … [Read more...]