CCIE Routing and Switching Certification Guide 4th Edition

ccie routing and switching certification guide 4th edition

The first requirement of the CCIE Lab exam is to pass the written exam. The one and only resource you will need for this is the official CCIE routing and switching certification guide from Cisco. Written by Wendell Odom, Rus Healy and Denise Donohue. Now in it's 4th Edition it covers the entire R&S Blueprint which also maps nicely to the blueprint for the lab exam. I have already passed the written exam but let it expire, so before I book my lab I need to pass the written again. I was glancing through the topics of the fourth edition to see what extra has been added since the third edition. On first glance it appears to cover a bit more on MPLS and Router and Switch device security. My advice would be if you already have the third … [Read more...]

CCIE Written Exam – Implement IPv6

I have let my CCIE Written Exam expire and I need to schedule my CCIE Lab Exam! So I am going to just brush up on a few topics and get this exam passed. The topic I am going to be focussing on today is Implement IPv6 From the exam topics you need to be happy with the following subjects. Implement IP version 6 (IPv6) addressing and different addressing types Implement IPv6 neighbor discovery Implement basic IPv6 functionality protocols Implement tunneling techniques Implement OSPF version 3 (OSPFv3) Implement EIGRP version 6 (EIGRPv6) ¬†Implement filtering and route redistribution This information was taken from the CCIE Written exam blueprint … [Read more...]

CCIE Written Exam Preparation

I tried to book my CCIE Lab exam today for next year and the system would not let me? The reason is my current CCIE Written Exam expires on the 21st December so I am unable to schedule a lab exam past this date. So I have to get out my CCIE Routing & Switching Exam Certification guide by Wendell Odom and brush up on some topics. With my current level of studying for the lab I do not forsee any major problems but just to make sure I don't get tripped up on some simple questions I will try to read quite a few of the chapters in the next few weeks. I also have the 5 day R&S written online bootcamp from INE so that should help. Will be booking it for next month and then when they systems have updated I can then officially … [Read more...]