CCIE Version 4 one more attempt!

ccie version 4 lab date brussels

For regular visitors to my blog you may have noticed a countdown calendar has appeared again. I have managed to get a lab date in Brussels before the version 5 change. I had previously failed the lab at the mobile lab in London in December and after  Christmas my plan was to get one more date in Brussels, but as most of you know this was going to be difficult. I have been monitoring the calendar on a daily basis and yesterday 1 seat was available, I booked it straight away. So I now have 90 days before I pass the CCIE version 4 Lab exam! Keep positive. My advice to any others who are in the same boat and are trying to get a seat is to keep an eye on the calendar. However there are only about 2 weeks now before every seat in … [Read more...]

CCIE Lab Exam attempt #2 – London Mobile Lab

Well it is now just over 36 hours until my second attempt at the CCIE Lab Exam in Routing & Switching. This time I will be taking it at the mobile lab in London. The exam is held at the Cisco office in Finsbury Circus. Kick off is at 8:30 am I only have a 2 hour train ride into London tmw, instead of traveling to Brussels which is going to be good. Just going through some notes now and trying to get a couple good nights sleep as I have been burning the midnight oil a bit lately. Hopefully I will be posting a success story on Friday! Roger … [Read more...]

CCIE Lab Attempt #1 Brussels – Close but no Cigar!

roger perkin ccie

Well I have returned from Brussels after my first attempt at the CCIE Lab Exam in Routing and Switching in Brussels and sadly on this occasion I did not bring home my digits. Simple fact I was not fast enough on the troubleshooting and I did not verify everything as I configured which caused me some issues later in the lab. So I am booked again for August 9th and I will be spending a few solid months on my troubleshooting and improving my exam technique, getting slicker with the configuration and verification. There will be a lot of posts coming on configuring a technology and then the commands used to verify, probably some on troubleshooting as well! If you are interested I made a small video of my journey to Brussels from … [Read more...]

Thank you all for your good wishes

I just want to say thank you to everyone who has been wishing me all the best for my lab exam over the last week. I had no idea that so many people followed my blog! After next Friday I am planning a big post (whatever happens!) to lay out my journey this far. What I have been studying, how I have been stuyding, what works and what doesn't For the last few days I have been picking random IP Services and just doing mini labs and reading the Doc CD Then next week I will be doing a few more full labs Sunday at 6pm UK time I will be watching Brian's latest PFR vSeminar Thursday morning I am on the Eurostar overnight at the NH Brussels Hotel and then Friday morning … [Read more...]

How to automate loading INE rack details to SecureCRT


I have started to use a lot more ccie rack rentals from INE and currently use Secure CRT as my terminal client. At the moment I am using the tabbed screens and to set this up you need to enter a different username for each device. Up until yesterday I was entering this info manually, so I went on the hunt for a script and found this blog post on the ieoc - Credit for the work for my solution goes to runhegge, markus.wirth and Brian McGahan as they have all contributed to my final solution which is a collaboration of all the suggestions. Don't worry all the scripts are in a zip file at the bottom of the post. To make this work you have to create a separate login script for each device and … [Read more...]

Travel arrangements for CCIE Lab Brussels


With my first CCIE Lab attempt in 59 days, it was about time to arrange my travel and accommodation. I live in Southampton in the UK so my best plan to get to Brussels is to get a train to London and then use the Eurostar from St Pancras to Midi in Brussels. With the Eurostar ticket you are then allowed to travel on the metropolitan line to Diegem. I will be staying in the NH Airport hotel in Brussels which is opposite Diegm train station and only a few minutes walk to Cisco Systems Belgium. Travel Costs The train from my house to London is £44 return Eurostar from St Pancras to Midi Belgium £34.50 each way so £79 1 night in the NH Airport Hotel Brussels - 156 Euros £135 Total cost - £258 There is a special Cisco rate for the … [Read more...]