CCIE Bootcamp London – INE

After using their materials for over 6 months now I decided it was time to attend a CCIE Bootcamp - Run by the course takes the form of a 6 or 12 day experience. I have booked onto the 12 day course which is actually 2 x 6 day courses. The first 6 days are technology based with some focussed lectures and then focussed labs. So far we have done Layer 2, Internal routing, external routing, multicast, IPv6. tmw is IP services and QOS and then Saturday is MPLS. Week 2 is mock lab time with 6 x full labs which are timed and marked with a review at then end of each day on the lab in question. The ccie bootcamp was held in the Devere Hotel in Newport Pagnell and the days run from 9am until everyone is ready to leave - so … [Read more...]