EEM script to report config change

This short post is just so I can tell you about an EEM script I have setup to report on any config changes on some core routers.

Any change to the config will be immediatly reported to me via an email

The script is very simple, just apply to your device and replace the ** in action 1.3 with your relevant details.


event manager applet mail_cfg_chg

event syslog pattern “.*%SYS-5-CONFIG_I.*”

action 1.0 info type routername

action 1.1 cli command “enable”

action 1.2 cli command “show archive log config all”

action 1.3 mail server “10.*.*.*” to “roger@******” from “****@**.com” subject “Config change on ****” body “$_cli_result”

action 1.4 cli command “clear archive log config force”

The script makes use of the archive log and clears the log after emailing the changes.

I will post more scripts as I am working on one to report a routing change.

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