CCIE Written Exam – Implement IPv6

I have let my CCIE Written Exam expire and I need to schedule my CCIE Lab Exam!
So I am going to just brush up on a few topics and get this exam passed.

The topic I am going to be focussing on today is Implement IPv6

From the exam topics you need to be happy with the following subjects.

  • Implement IP version 6 (IPv6) addressing and different addressing types
  • Implement IPv6 neighbor discovery
  • Implement basic IPv6 functionality protocols
  • Implement tunneling techniques
  • Implement OSPF version 3 (OSPFv3)
  • Implement EIGRP version 6 (EIGRPv6)
  • ┬áImplement filtering and route redistribution

This information was taken from the CCIE Written exam blueprint here:

You do not need to be an IPv6 guru for the written exam or even for the lab exam but you do need to have a very good understanding of the topics above and how IPv6 works.

The best resource to prepare for the CCIE Written Exam is the official guide from Cisco

I have this on my kindle and am just brushing over a few topics in spare moments of time.

I will get the exam booked for a couple weeks and when I have passed the ccie written, I can then schedule the lab exam and at this moment in time am looking at a August timeframe.

Wherever you are in your journey, good luck and if you want any tips or advice please comment below.

For some inspiration on your studies check out the current CCIE Salary report.

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