CCIE Training from INE

CCIE Training from INE INE CCIE training is in my opinion the best there is. If you are looking for the best CCIE Training money can buy INE have been leading the field for many years and to date have trained more CCIE’s than all the other training vendors put together. I am very impressed with their Investment Protection Programme, whereby if you purchase a product from them you can continue to receive updates to that product. What is really blowing me away is they way they are embracing the new CCIE Data centre training. The investment they are making into this technology is awesome, and to be able to have a rack rental of all the Data Centre kit is going to be amazing.

So if you really want to become a true Internetwork Expert CCIE then check out WWW.INE.COM

CCIE Training cost

The big question I get asked a lot is how much does it cost to become a CCIE?
The simple answer is as much as you want it to cost! Apart from paying for the Lab exam all the material you need to know is available from the cisco website and on the internet. The problem is how you choose to digest and learn this mountain of information. If you decide to purchase a ccie training end to end product from a dedicated training company then you will be provided with workbooks, videos, practice labs all guided with and end to end plan and the support of the company and other students. Vendors usually run bootcamps where you can polish your skills and it also gives you chance to meet other students. CCIE Training fees vary from a few hundred dollars to many thousands.

Another big factor is if you can get your employer to pay for this or if you are funding it yourself?

A typical ccie training programme from INE will cost you $5000 where if you decide to go for the Cisco 360 programme it will cost a lot more. Try them out look at their demos and make your own mind up.

The main cost though is your time, and you will need a lot of that!

CCIE Training Material

INE provide an end to end product that will take you from zero to hero.
This consists of 4 main workbooks:
Workbook 1 is single technology focussed labs
Workbook 2 is full scale multi protocol labs
Workbook 3 is 4 hour labs focussed on speed
Workbook 4 is all about troublehsooting

On top of this there is a product called the ATC Advanced Technology Class which is 80 hours of ccie training videos which you download and put on your ipad and watch whenever you want. This is technology focussed lectures on all the topics on the CCIE Lab.

Training online is available to you 24 hours a day with technical resources via their blog and the support forum and also free v seminars.

CCIE Training Books

Another huge part of the studying process is reading – the reading list for the CCIE is insane, so if you don’t like reading then this is not the certification for you.

For more info check out the recommended reading list from Cisco.

So if you are looking for CCIE Training in Kerala, the UK or anywhere in the world, why not take a look at what INE have to offer.




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