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CCIE Attempt #1 – Brussels

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Airconsole XL 2.0 Review – Bluetooth Console Cable

The Airconsole 2.0 XL sold by is  advertised as "The only serial adapter you will ever need!" This is certainly going to be my new favourite bluetooth console … [Read More...]

F5 Virtual Appliance – How to install the VE LTM on ESXi

In my opinion F5 are the market leader in load balancing appliances. If you are just starting out and want to get some experience on the platform how do you do it? With a new F5 4000s coming in … [Read More...]

I passed the CCIE Lab Exam!

Well the post that I have been dreaming of writing since the start of this blog is actually being written. I passed the CCIE Lab Exam in Routing and Switching v5 in Brussels last week and am now … [Read More...]

Peering with Route Servers

As your network grows bigger and your internet traffic grows, it starts to make sense to peer directly with other networks rather than simply pay an ISP to deliver all that traffic. Peering is one of … [Read More...]

How to build CCIE V5 Lab – CSR 1000V

How to build CCIE V5 Lab using ESXi and CSR 1000v The basis of this topology is centered around the INE Hardware build which is detailed here - INE CCIE V5 Hardware Topology This post will detail … [Read More...]

How to become a network engineer

If you have arrived on this page then I would assume  you know what a network engineer is and would like to find out how to become a network engineer? A network engineer is somebody who is … [Read More...]

How to upgrade software on a Cisco 3850 Switch

This short post will show you how to upgrade the software on a single Cisco 3850 switch, a 3850 stack, using TFTP and USB. The process is very easy but it is a bit different than the usual software … [Read More...]

Route Distinguisher vs Route Target – MPLS Tutorial Part 1

Route Distinguisher vs Route Target - aren't they the same thing? No! In this post I am going to clarify the difference between route distinguisher and route target within the Cisco world of MPLS … [Read More...]